1. Life is imperfection.

Every human has the same experience of the imperfections of life, be they minor inconveniences or the major struggles of day-to-day existence within this world, the only position we can state with any certainty is that perfection is an impossibility within the World of Forms.

2. The origin of imperfection is separation from the Fullness of the Pleroma.

And yet, there is a place of perfection– The Fullness, or Pleroma. Our separation from the Fullness into the World of Forms resulting from God’s desire to know itself causes this apparent imperfection. We are ignorant of the Pleroma, and this causes us to believe that other sentient beings are in no way connected to us, and that the sensations we experience are unrelated to one another.

3. It is possible to reconnect to the Pleroma.

There is an accessible seed of divinity within each one of us. Developing knowledge of that spark– gnosis– creates an abiding insight into the nature of one’s self. This allows one to reconnect to the fullness of the Pleroma and escape the endless cycle of birth and death.

4. Reconnection to the Pleroma is possible via this Way, the cultivation of gnosis.

This Way is moving from the Kenomic Worldview– the worldview of Emptiness– to the Pleromic Worldview– the worldview of Fullness. Another way to say this is that the primary goal of a Way person is to reduce suffering, both for one’s self and for others, through self-knowledge and mindfulness. This can be achieved through the cultivation of gnosis.

Gnosis is a state of insight brought about by the application of living information and wisdom to an awakening experience. Or, to put it another way, Gnosis = Awakening (Word + Wisdom).


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