Life With a Fox

(Check out the Fox series here)

431px-Dans_i_MaaneglansI think I get it.

I think the fox is speaking about all the good, practical, useful and reasonable parts of religion and trying to cut away all of the nonsense and culturally/historically specific stuff. It’s like Zen or Taoism are almost too abstract, and Christianity and Islam are too specific, so this is some kind of middle ground. I dunno.

Trying to live according to the fox’s advice is actually pretty easy; there’s not much you have to do other than to live sensibly, and if you have a question about something, there are some resources you can use– that’s what I think the whole “Spooky Man/Spooky Lady/Kings and Critters” speeches are about. Still, I have the feeling the story isn’t quite complete; I think there’s more to it that we’re going to learn sometime in the future.

This admittedly closed feedback loop is really quiet at the moment. Is anybody still interested in this? I’d really hoped to get some other voices involved. 



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2 responses to “Life With a Fox

  1. janetdcohen

    Don’t worry, I’m still with you, Fox

  2. D. Moon Thomas

    I think you’d be surprised at the level of interest if everyone who was still interested would just say so! Yo fox! Keep talkin’!

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