False Confessions, False Alarms now in Paperback!

ImageFalse Confessions, False Alarms: Short Stories is now available in paperback on Createspace.com.

“I wish I had my camera.”

“No, if you had your camera, the shark would not have been here. Carrying a camera is one of the quickest and most solidly proven ways to avoid the unexpected. You think the Loch Ness Monster shows itself to people who bring cameras into its murky domain? Never. It would be a tragedy if it were to do so.” Bau thought to himself that events that seem to break the laws of space must also break the laws of time, as he believed that the two were inseparable. As cameras do nothing more than freeze time, it would be impossible to actually take a picture of anything out of the ordinary. For this reason Bau never carried a camera, he told her, “unless it is to be used for something mundane, like a drive to the country or a friend’s wedding or a trip to another town, where the universe is expected to behave a certain way. I can never remember such insignificant events, and such photographs are only necessary to help one to remember the unmemorable. Cameras tend to be villainous, malcontents, for every camera distorts what it sees, and every photograph is a lie.”

“Using that logic,” replied Ananda, “every work of art is a lie, too.”

“This is true, but some lies are more valid than others.”

From “November 17.”


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