False Confessions, False Alarms: New Short Story Collection!

False Confessions, False Alarms: Short Stories (and One Play) by Jeremy Puma

A young couple suffers from unwanted and extra1ordinary deliveries…. A candy heart’s mysterious message initiates an odd series of events…. A nondescript drug dealer spends his final hours with a bizarre menagerie of individuals…. A heist in a future world is pulled off without a hitch– until it’s time to get away….

If you enjoy the work of authors like Philip K Dick, Adolfo Bioy Casares and Julio Cortázar, you’re certain to enjoy this collection of seven short stories (and one one-act play). Part “Twilight Zone,” part Borgesian metafictions, these tales range from intellectually challenging, to dark and melancholy, to laugh-out-loud funny. Fill your liminal space with wonder and weird fiction!

(No Kindle? That’s okay, you can still read in one of Amazon’s FREE Kindle Apps on your Ipad or mobile device– click here to download!)

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