Friends of the Fox

Following up on yesterday’s post:

As you know by now, there’s a fox that’s been giving me advice. I propose to try to live my life according to the advice given by the fox, for the entire month of March, 2013. My plan is outlined below.

1. First things first: for the month of March (at least), I’m no longer a Gnostic, or a Christian, or anything at all. The fox says to forget about all of the religion you already have and just move forward with his advice. This is going to be really difficult, but it’s worth a try.

Also– and this is important for me– I’m going to refer to the fox as just a fox. He’s not a ‘spirit guide’ or a metaphor or an aspect of God  (or, God forbid, *me*), he’s “just a fox.” When/if somebody asks where this info comes from, it just comes from a fox. It doesn’t come from Jeremy Puma. I’m also going to pay special attention whenever I see a fox, or a picture of a fox, or a reference to a fox; does this mean something?

2. Sufficiency: I’m going to try to use everything twice, especially in the kitchen. I’m also going to try to really limit the amount of extra work I do. Seems like there’s also an admonition to avoid extremes of thought, here. If I spend an evening in, watching TV, or if I eat at McDonald’s, I’m not going to get all guilty about it.

3. Consideration: I’m going to try to be extra considerate to everyone, and to take extra time thinking about everything I do before I do it. I’m going to try to focus on the information a person is presenting, and not on that person.

4. Family: I’m going to tell people I consider “family” that I think of them that way, and try to get together with as many as possible at least once during the month. I’m also going to try to take an hour every Sunday to spend with my wife and son, to talk about important things.

5. Worldview: This is another one that’s going to be difficult, but I’m going to try to keep the following concepts in mind:

  • God isn’t all-powerful; God needs our help. 
  • Living information permeates the world and is very important.
  • “Prophecies” don’t actually work.
  • The Earth doesn’t need saving, but humans do. Really, there’s no such thing as “nature” per se. 
  • There are “Seven Kings” who rule the world, and various “Critters” who work for them. These could be metaphorical, or could be literal, but they’re handy concepts to describe what happens down here.
  • Prayer is effective, but complementary to actually doing stuff for yourself.
  • Everybody has a “Spooky Man” and a “Spooky Lady” who can help in time of need.  I’m going to try to keep an eye out for them and ask them for help per the fox’s suggestions.
  • Meditation is easy; the fox gives a method I’m going to try at least once a week.

6. Glory: Although it sounds cliched, I’m going to try to find the joy in the mundane.

Obviously, not everything *I* do will work for everybody who volunteers to try this out; but, in the spirit of “sufficiency,” I hope interested parties will find enough food for thought in my plan, and perhaps come up with a plan of their own. These are my preliminary thoughts, which, of course, may change throughout the course of the month. In the interest of sufficiency, if something isn’t working, it’s okay to stop doing it, or try something different.

So, what’s the experiment? Simple: I’d like to know if following the fox’s advice ends up resulting in a greater level of happiness. It’s a very subjective question, which is why I’m looking for volunteers (so it’s not just me being hare-brained).

For those who have volunteered to participate/those interested in joining in, I’ve created a Facebook group called “Friends of the Fox,” where we can share our thoughts on this experiment (or, maybe, not post anything at all). Want to be added? Contact me! Not on Facebook? Not to worry; you can follow along on this site, or on your own, or just hop in any time.

I hope those of us who are participating will share experiences/insights, both positive and negative.

Here’s the whole series, if you’re just joining us:

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Some Words X
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Some Words XII
Some Words XIII
Some Words XIV
Some Words XV
Some Words XVI
Some Words Epilogue



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2 responses to “Friends of the Fox

  1. Delorus

    I think that the fox will be a great companion to me in the coming days.
    This is resonating with what I have to do and the people I will be seeing and the mundane tasks that will be mine to perform. I am very pleased to be traveling with the fox!

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