Some Words: Epilogue

foxmaskOkay, then. I’ll be seeing you sometime in the future. Until then, keep moving forward. If anybody shows interest in what I’ve been saying, try to keep them engaged. If not, that’s okay. The important thing is, these ideas are out there again.

See ya later!

And with that, the fox turned around and bounded off into some high grass that parted as he trotted off into the distance, and the whole vision faded.

I’m not sure what to do with this information; some of it seems pretty radical, some of it pretty much common sense. Some of it seems like ancient knowledge, but some of it… the Spooky Man and Lady? Still scratching my head over that one. 

One thing for certain: if he says he’s coming back, I don’t doubt that’ll be the case. Until then, maybe it’s worth taking a good look at what he’s said in his recitation. Is it a possible way forward? Something to be ignored? Something that needs further development? Or is it just the crazy delusion of a miscreant, or trickster? He instructed me that I should actually somehow publish what he tells me, and that he plans on telling me more, but that seems like a lot to ask. 

I dunno; what do *you* think?

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Some Words Epilogue



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3 responses to “Some Words: Epilogue

  1. D. Moon Thomas

    Is the fox trying to make some money by making you publish his musings and selling the product? What does a fox buy with his money? How does he count his money with no fingers?

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