Some Words XVI

photo by Justin Shoemaker

(photo by Justin Shoemaker)

At the end of the last bit, the fox asked for questions. Here are a few, and his answers:

Q: 1. What do you mean by you’re a Fox? 2. Are you a spirit animal of some kind?

Haha, I’m a fox is all! Spirit animals? They’re not really a “Thing.” Sure, there are animals you like, and animal spirits you like, but all you humans? Your Spirit Animal is the Human. I’m just a fox, and that’s what I mean.

Q. Why should we trust what you’re saying?

I dunno? Does it make sense? If it makes sense, and works, then give it a go. If it doesn’t, then don’t.

Q: You seem to focus on prayers of petition. What about other types of prayers? 

Well now I don’t know too much about all that. When you pray, you can thank God, which I talked about. You can ask God for stuff, which seems to be what you’re talking about. Anything else is just talking to God. Is talking to God praying? Maybe. What do you think? Some people like to praise God, but that’s mostly thanking God. And some people pray for other people, which is great, but that’s also asking God for stuff. Oh, and I guess some people pray because they want God to forgive them for acting like jerks or missing the mark; that’s still just asking God for stuff. You don’t really need to ask God for forgiveness, if you’re really regretful, God will pick up on it. But, if it makes you feel better, it’s good to do, because God wants you to be okay with who you are and what you do.

Q. Can you talk more about the Spooky Man and the Spooky Lady?

Ooh, good question. Who are these two? What do they do?

They’re Spooky, which means there’s Mystery there. They stand in corners, like shadows. They’re in your kitchen, whenever you’re not there, and sometimes when you are. They’re under your house, and walking around in your attic. They’re a Man who contains Women, and a Woman who contains Men. You can almost never see them, especially not straight on, but sometimes you can get a glimpse of them in the mirror. Sometimes your dog or cat will see your Spooky Man or Spooky Lady and let you know. Sometimes, if you’re out walking in the woods on a trail all alone, you’ll hear them walking with you.

But this is all vague, and probably not helping?

Hm, how best to talk about them while keeping the Mystery? Let’s say that the Spooky Man and the Spooky Lady are everyone you’ve ever been and everyone you ever will be; they’re all the ones who aren’t currently you. They’re long ghosts— a long chain of ghosts extending from the beginning of God, when God couldn’t even move, to the very end of God, when God is the same thing. They’re often godlike in this way, which is why so many people mistake them for gods. They’re not gods, though; they’re helpful, and have a lot of power, but think about all those ghosts: you’re gonna get some weirdness, maybe even some badness or something that isn’t gonna help out.

Everybody’s Spooky Man and Spooky Lady are different. Some people’s Spooky Man is a Lady, and vice-versa. Some people’s Spooky Man and Spooky Lady help them do magic. Some people’s Spooky Man and Spooky Lady help them do science. Other people’s Spooky Man and Spooky Lady don’t help at all, because they usually only help out when they’re asked. Like I said, some people think their Spooky Man looks like European Jesus, and some people think their Spooky Lady looks like Medieval Virgin Mary. But, since you can’t see your Spooky Man or Spooky Lady, this is totally conjecture. The Spooky Man could have stag’s horns or could be wearing a tuxedo; the Spooky Lady could have pointy ears and a long flowing gown or could be voluptuous and wide-hipped like a mom. Or, they could just change around a lot.

I told you how to ask for help from them. Basically, you just ask, and if they can help, they will, most of the time. Be careful, though; a lot of the help they give doesn’t look like help. Sometimes giving them things will get their attention, but you’ll have to figure out what to give your own Spooky Man and Spooky Lady, and the best way to do it. For some people, writing down what you’re asking for is best, but for some people it works to pour out a little milk on the ground, or to have a little bread and wine.

Oh, I know! It’s like all of your family– your Real Family– from all of your incarnations, all alive and moving around like living information! There are two because the Spooky Man is best at thinking and reasoning, and the Spooky Lady is best at feeling and being wise, but sometimes these lines blur together.

That’s really all I can say about the Spooky Man and Spooky Lady. You should get to know them, if you want.

Q. Have you met my friend the Heron?

I’ve known a lot of herons. Once I ate one!

Q. (This one is from me) What next?

Next? Like I said, I’m gonna go away for a while. I don’t know how long it’ll be, but I’ll have some more to tell you when I get back. When I do, I don’t want you to put it up here. I want you to put everything I’ve told you into a book, and I want you to call it “The Recitation of the Fox.” After that, we’ll talk some more about what you have to do.

I’ll be back one more time to say goodbye, so if there are any last questions, now’s the time to ask ’em.

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