We’ve met our funding goal– let’s go further!

UPDATE: We’ve met our goal!

Only five days into the campaign, we somehow managed to generate enough interest in a delightful cadre of generous individuals that we’ve gone and done it!

But we still have lots of time, so why stop now? We can still use your support!

Anything over and above the goal can only benefit this venture further! Let’s move some goalposts and see if we can get enough support to help cover some of these additional anticipated costs:

  1. We have enough for ten ISBNs at the $250 price point. But, we could also purchase 100 ISBNs for $575! Here’s a link to the pricing, in case you’re wondering where that number comes from: https://www.myidentifiers.com/isbn/main. 10 ISBNs would cover us for a year; 100 would cover us for a looooooooong time!
  2. Adobe’s Creative Suite, which contains everything that I’d need to do some awesome layouts, costs a lot of money. But, as a UW staff member, I can purchase a discounted license for a mere $250. Wow! 
  3. IndieGoGo’s fee. It’s 4% of what I raise, so any little bit helps cover that fee.
  4. Business training. I plan to take some classes and seminars, which will cost anywhere from $100-$500.
  5. Professional memberships and conference fees. We’ll be joining as many small press/publishing organizations as possible, and covering fees, dues and conference registrations will of course cost, as well.
  6. Author advances. Once we start publishing your work, we’ll need some funds for advances.
  7. Goodies and treats. I’d like to make regular give-aways part of our publishing plan!

Yes, all of this is gravy, but the more seed funds we raise, the more we can do, and the more successful we’ll ultimately be. Any amount you can contribute will help us meet these goals!

Regardless, I anticipate having my first title available by the end of April!

Thanks so much– let’s KEEP THIS BALL ROLLING!

Contribute to Strange Animal Publications!


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