Help Support Strange Animal Publications!

We’ve gone and done it– we’re starting an IndieGoGo campaign to try to raise a little seed fundage for Strange Animal Publications!


From our campaign page:


I’d like to raise $1000.

  • $250 wil be used to purchase a block of ten ISBNs (from the awful monopoly that sells them).
  • $250 will cover the costs of the business licenses and the website.
  • $300 should get the ball rolling on business-related expenses like insurance and any legal fees I haven’t yet anticipated.
  • The remaining $200 will be used for the fees associated with Print-on-Demand publishing, including distribution costs and proof orders.

Obviously, there’ll be additional expenses as I go, but this $1000 will get the ball rolling. If I do manage to raise more than the goal, it’ll go towards desktop publishing software and the cumulative costs of running a business.

There are lots of nifty perks available for contributors; if you’re not able to contribute, I do hope you’ll take a moment to spread the word!



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2 responses to “Help Support Strange Animal Publications!

  1. I wish you the best. Well, ” Where Others Can’t, You Can.”

  2. Kim

    I really tend to go along with the whole thing that was in fact written throughout “Help Support Strange Animal Publications!
    | This Way”. Thank you for all of the information.Thanks for the

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