Some Words XIII


The fox went on….

So I guess you’d like to know more about what I know about God? OK, but considering what God is, there isn’t a whole lot I can tell you. If you’re looking for “proof,” I can’t give you any. Nobody can give you proof that God exists, because how could someone do that? Anybody who says they have proof that God exists is lying to you. 

And if you don’t believe in God? Obviously, if you don’t believe in God, then this discussion isn’t for you, so whatever. This is for people who believe in God and don’t want proof that God exists, because why do you need that? (And yeah, God is kind of a dumb word, but it’s what we’re stuck with unless we want to sound ridiculous.) 

Okay, so there’s no good way to describe God; if you could, God wouldn’t be God! God’s not some bearded guy in robes or some lady with wide hips and no face. God’s just God; if you’re picturing something in your head when you hear “God,” you’re doing it wrong.

I’ve already told you that God isn’t all-powerful; that’s because the Seven Kings rule the place where Things Happen, and have more influence down there where you are. (Some people think there’s lots of Gods, or that there’s one God who takes many forms, and that might be the case, but I’m just telling you what I know, and as far as I know there’s just one you need to worry yourself with– why make things complicated? I know– the past, tradition, ancient cultures, etc., but I told you to forget about all that if you want to follow along with me.)

Still, God’s as close to all-powerful as you can get down there, and has a lot of say about what goes on. I’ve also already talked about how God is using consciousness to explore the place where Things Happen, and how ya’ll are all a part of that process. So I’m not gonna recap that and repeat myself endlessly. That’s why I had you write all this down.

Another thing nobody knows is whether God actually “created the world.” The whole idea is madness, if you think about it, some power that creates the world! There are so many stories about this already, and all of them are patently insane! Gardens, eggs, thoughts, darknesses, voids… blech. All these stories might have some truth in them, but they’re pretty unimportant. If you’re interested in finding out how the world “was created,” you’re better off becoming a scientist and studying theoretical physics; you’ll get far better answers that way. What I’m interested in, and what you should be interested in, is how God works with you on a day-to-day basis.

Let’s talk about praying. There’s a couple of different kind of prayers God likes. God likes to be asked to help out, because when humans succeed, God succeeds. And, God likes to be thanked for helping out when he can, because who doesn’t? Here’s a thing I bet you didn’t know: God Eats Prayers. Whenever somebody says a prayer, God gobbles it up. It’s information, and God makes it a part of God’s self. Just like humans and food, God prefers prayers that taste good, and really likes prayers that taste different than ones God’s tried before.

When a lot of people all pray at once for the same thing, that’s not really gonna get God’s attention, ’cause it isn’t all that different from person to person, so it’s just a lot of bitter-tasting noise (especially when it has to do with who wins a game or something). Besides, anything worth getting a lot of people to pray for can be fixed by getting those people to do stuff, instead. God’s busy, and might be helping somebody else out who really needs it. If all you’re praying for is what everybody’s praying for, like finding a boyfriend or making mad cash, it may not taste all that great to God. It’d be like eating an old TV dinner or something.

No, it’s best to pray by yourself, not in front of anybody. Besides, when you pray in public, you come across looking like a jerk.  Just like with cooking, the best tasting prayers are usually the simplest ones. “Hey, God, thanks for this food,” is a good example. “Hey, God, can you help me do this thing?” is another.  Of course, God also appreciates a little effort, so you can also do something really interesting or nifty when you pray. I can’t give you examples; this is the kind of thing you have to figure out on your own, but it’s a good bet that if your prayer is simple, but unique, and comes from a place of sincere consideration, it’ll get God’s attention.

Question: What if somebody prays for something original, but bad, like hurting somebody else or whatever? Answer: That’s a dumb question. It is patently obvious that God would not want you to pray to hurt somebody else. If it isn’t obvious to you, you’re failing. Do better.

God answers prayers when God can. Since God isn’t all-powerful, sometimes– a lot of times– God can’t help out and you’ll have to do what you can to solve your own problems. That’s cool, though; that means being creative and using the living information that’s bouncing around down there, which ultimately helps God, who can then help humans. See how that works?

Another thing that gets God’s attention if you pray for it? Praying for something that’s completely hopeless (not that seems completely hopeless– something that is completely hopeless).

How do you know if God answered your prayer? Dang, God can’t answer every single one. Also, there’s a crazy idea floating around that “God answers all prayers, just not in the way you may have wanted.” Well that’s a load of bunkum. You’ll know God answered if what you prayed for pans out. It’s doubtful it’ll be some kind of crazy miracle; the Kings put the kibosh on those some time ago. It’s likely it’ll be through another human, who “considers” you, maybe a family member or if you’re wanting for healing, a medical doctor or other healer (God can’t usually heal your body– it only works some of the time, so why risk it?).

If God can’t answer every prayer, and chances are good God won’t be able to answer yours, why even bother? I can’t answer that for you. A lot of people do just fine never praying even once ever, never. All depends on what kind of relationship you want with God, I guess. Don’t mistake me, though– God exists, and God cares about all of ya’ll, and wants to help, whenever God’s able. When God helps you, and you learn to help yourselves, you’re helping God, after all.

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