Strange Animal Publications

I’m interrupting the fox to announce the official launch of Strange Animal Publications!

Strange Animal Publications is an Independently Operated Small Press/Publishing Company based in Seattle, Washington. We will be offering works in multiple platforms– print, electronic (Kindle, etc.) and online. Our catalog will include unique and interesting works in the following categories:

  • Religion/Spirituality/Philosophy – Our focus will primarily be commentary, essays and instructional work, rigorously sourced and informed by current scholarship.
  • Speculative/Science/Weird Fiction – Interesting and unique novels and stories outside of the mainstream.
  • Magirology – Cooking and culinary commentary, including unusual food writing and recipe collections.
  • Reprints in all of the above – We will be scouring the public domain to bring you readable editions of fascinating and long-overlooked works from various sources.

Why these subjects? Primarily, because they’re all interesting and have broad appeal. Also, because in my interactions online over the past decade, I’ve learned that most people who are interested in one of these subjects are also interested in at least one of the others.

At the moment, we are focusing on building our catalog via self-publishing and reprints, but we anticipate calling for submissions in the Spring of 2014.

I hope you’ll follow us as we start to grow!


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    A great opportunity for all kinds of writers and authors.

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