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The fox continued. jesufox

Yeah, there are definitely some absolutes. “There is no black-and-white” ain’t always true. All this wishy-washy grey area “cultural relativism” works up to a point. The intention’s great, but there are some things that are absolutely wrong, no matter what, “cultural context” be damned. There’re also some things that are absolutely right.

The most absolute, biggest sin of all? Killing living information. Look, I told you that God’s experiencing the Things That Happen through consciousness, so killing living information is the easiest way to screw with God and make God’s work more difficult. What’s living information? It’s any information that’s helpful to God. Since God ain’t all-powerful, God needs consciousness as a vehicle so God can explore the Things That Happen. You pretty much know what living information is already. It’s not the neutral, pointless detritus of popular culture, or stories, or thoughts that are just thoughts.

This absolute is coded in a lot of your old stories about apples and such.  Down there where Things Happen, the powers have a vested interest in keeping God from learning everything about God, because when God learns everything, “POOF!” their little world vanishes and everything is happiness. So they don’t want you to know as much as possible, to keep learning about stuff, and they want other people to burn libraries and try to tell you how to think about things.

By killing living information, I’m not talking about “censorship” or “intellectual property” or any of those red fish. I’m talking about  burning libraries. I’m talking about not letting people be who they want to be for dumb, ideological reasons. I’m talking about keeping women from doing things, or not letting people who love each other get married, or walking around checking people for “modesty,” or not letting people do things because they look or talk different than you– don’t you see how what you’re doing when you do that is killing living information? I don’t give a shit if it’s “acceptable in your culture” or “they did it way back when,” or God told some guy to do it a thousand years ago. I’m talking about now.

 Also, since you humans are the ones who are helping God experience things, killing other humans is also  in this category. Ya’ll are all full of living information, so cut it out with the killing each other. I talked a little about this before, about how when you hurt somebody, you’re really hurting yourself– for real!— and hurting God, too.

Hurting people, burning books, banning music, being a bigoted jerk– these are all evil for the same reason: they put living information in danger. 

Another absolute sin? Hurting little kids for no good reason. That should be an obvious one, but some jackasses still don’t get it. (Not that there are a lot of “good reasons” to hurt kids, but stuff like giving a kid a vaccine shot is okay.) It’s kind of the same thing as killing living information, but it’s SO BAD to hurt little kids that it deserves its own category.

(One word of warning: this is for you, not for all “those other people.” It’s stupid to act like a jerk in other peoples’ houses, even if you totally disagree with everything they’re doing. No need to get all showy about how much better you are because you drew a picture of somebody’s off-limit prophet, or take out ads about how there is no God, just to piss people off.  You aren’t gonna change anybody else’s mind, so don’t be a jerk. Always be considerate, remember?) 

(And another thing– people aren’t evil. People do evil things, but people aren’t evil any more than eyeballs are evil. So it’s dumb to go around judging people because they’re part of a group that’s done evil things.)

Those are the big ones. The nice thing is, they’re easy to work with! Just leave other people alone, and don’t burn up words and images and music! 

There are lots of little things that’d be really helpful, like don’t go around telling people that they’re God, or that “everything happens for a reason,” or that there is such a thing as a “Law of Attraction,” or that “Positive Thinking” is a Power, instead of just thoughts, but those are pretty minor in the long run. 

So what are some absolute good acts? Obviously, promoting living information is the biggest good thing you can do! You can do this by helping other people get by, by loving your family, and by embracing learning and experiencing new things. I don’t mean you need to go out and skydive or jump off of a bridge tied to a rubber cord. I mean that you need to cultivate the attitude that it’s good to expand your knowledge, because it helps God expand God’s knowledge of Things That Happen. 

Remember, I’m not talking about any kind of “knowledge of the heart.” The heart can be an untrustworthy bastard. I know, I’ve told you that humans are notoriously unreliable sources of information, so why try to learn things from books that they wrote? Because it’s the best you’ve got. The key is to be discerning, to use your faculties of Reason. You’ve got to get over this ridiculous idea that “book learning is bad and you should trust your instincts and blaaaaah;” this attitude is most unhelpful.  Book learning is AWESOME when you know how to pick the right books! How do you pick the right books? I don’t know that. I can’t tell you everything. What I can do, is to remind you that just because a book says something, that doesn’t mean that it’s true. Keep that in mind when you read. 

There are definitely changes happening in the world of the Things That Happen, and I’ve talked a lot about how you’re gonna have to learn how to deal with them. But, the living information that God uses, and can use through you, has never been more available to you– ever! The living information is everywhere! You can go onto a website and look at a picture, taken by a spaceship, of a galaxy. Do you know how amazingly lucky you are that you can go onto a computer and look at pictures of galaxies?!  You can look at galaxies, and click something and see inside of a volcano, and click something else and learn how to bake a pie. This is not a small ability to have; this is a profound manifestation of the living information and IT IS TERRIBLY EXCITING SO DON’T WASTE THIS OPPORTUNITY!


Another absolute good thing to do is to always be considerate. I’ve already told you all about that, so I don’t really have anything to add. Hope you paid attention.

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