Some Words VII

foxwallThe fox’s sermon continues.

Feh. You know what your problem is? It’s that you get all of your info from the worst possible source: other humans. I know, ain’t like you have a choice, but other humans are the most untrustworthy sources of information out there. All your religions, all your philosophies and governments and economies, they’re all because a couple of people are trying to pass along what they think are a good idea.

Hey, a lot of times, the ideas are great! But, a lot of times, they’re not. And, even the best information corrodes over time. Don’t you think information, at least down here, is just as subject to the Laws of Entropy as all the rest of that energy floating around? 

So I know you’re big into prophets, because you can’t know what’s gonna happen in the future, and it’s not like all the answers to your questions are in your breadbox every morning when you wake up. So it makes good sense to put your metaphorical money into Prophecy and find somebody who can tell you, when you do X, Y will happen. Maybe it’s like OT style, and it’s Jeremiah lamenting that “Ya’ll have made God ANGRY, so he’s gonna enslave you in Babylon!” Maybe it’s Paul saying, “Have faith in the resurrection, and you’re going to Heaven!” Maybe it’s Buddha, who said “Meditate and follow these Truths, and you’ll find inner peace.” Maybe it’s Muhammed, who said, “Submit and happiness is yours!” Don’t matter who it is; anybody who claims “do X and Y will happen” is acting the part, especially in matters of a more spiritual persuasion.

Oh, I know, I know. You can predict *some* things. That’s obvious, and it’s not what I’m talking about. I’m not talking about predicting stuff you know is going to happen, like dinner at 6 or an upcoming holiday. I’m not even talking about predicting stuff you know is probably going to happen, like how if you stick a seed in some dirt, it’ll grow into a plant. I’m talking about Prophecy. I’m talking about a devout and ideologically-based insistence that you know what’s gonna happen for somebody else.

Here’s the thing: The Age of Prophets is Over. Hell, there never really was an Age of Prophets. These guys, your Ezekiel and your Jesus and your Buddha and your Muhammed were delightful, and generally really helpful to the people in their vicinities, but what they said? It’s subject to this limited world we’re in, so the info goes bad. God’s not powerful enough to fix everything all at once based on our time-frame, so God does what God can when God can for who God can. 

Not to say the info is all bad. A lot of the information is good, and can’t help but stay good! It’s like the goose who laid the dozen regular eggs and one golden egg. The dozen regular eggs’ll be good for a while, ‘specially hard-boiled, but one by one they’ll eventually go bad. That golden egg, though, that’ll be good for as long as gold is nice to look at. All of the eggs are useful for a time, but only the golden one’ll stick around, right? Make sense?

Or, another thing can happen– good information can evolve and get even better, but it takes humans who are willing to let that information break out of its boundaries and change with the rest of everything. I mean, if that first guy or gal had chucked that fizzy mix of water and flour, we’d never have sourdough. How many schmucks missed the chance to invent sourdough because they saw some bubbles in the mix and threw it away? I honestly can’t believe how many humans are shaping their Worldviews based on information that doesn’t even apply to them any more.

And don’t get me started on astrology and divination and whatnot. Any insight you get from astrology and divination and “tarot” and such comes from you, not from the tools you’re using. And you’re a pretty bad source of information a lot of the time. I’m not saying that, for example, astrology doesn’t “work” if you do it right, any more than chemistry “works” if you do it right, but the information astrology gives you is like the output from a chemical reaction: pointless, unless you’re gonna do something neat with it. And, only true inasmuch it applies to this World of Forms! Astrology isn’t gonna give you any sort of Cosmic Truth, any more than the combination of sodium and chlorine is gonna give you anything more significant than table salt. (Table salt, by the way, is pretty fantastic stuff!)

And economics? Man, economists are just about the biggest sham prophets out there in this day and age. The “science” behind financial analysis turns out to be a bunch of math you have to learn and calculations you have to do and companies you have to study in order to make a guess. Seriously, trusting an economist with your money is about as useful as tossing your money into a box and shouting at it. At least if you shout at it, it’ll stick around in the box. If you give it to an economist, it’s just as likely to disappear.

What humans can’t seem to get is that nobody can ever really predict anything that works for everybody. This applies just as much to our relationship with God as it does with a damnable diet plan (your ‘diet plans’ are hilarious, by the way). Everybody’s different la la la, and you don’t seem to get that this means that something that works for you, or even for a big group of people, ain’t gonna work for everybody. Not everybody’s gonna get God angry and get enslaved in Babylon. Not everybody’s gonna be able to meditate and reach enlightenment. Not everybody’s gonna be able to have faith in the resurrection. Hell, these days, you can’t even tell how you’re gonna need to plant for next year. (Is there gonna be a drought/fires/storms?) And that’s all okay. In fact, it’s awesome. Because it means that’s a shitload of experiences God gets to have, which helps God help you!

Now, since the world is what it is, and there’s an internet and global travel and this is Modern Times (it’s always Modern Times somewhere), you’re gonna have to move past this one-size-fits-all approach. How? One good way is by working on self-knowledge. This ain’t the “knowledge of the heart” silliness, by the way; don’t trust your heart– your heart is kind of an idiot. This is really understanding what’s good for you and your family, and what makes you happy, which I keep telling you is also what makes God happy.

It’s also about renouncing Prophets. I don’t mean “don’t listen to predictions of what might happen,” or “don’t listen to smart people who obviously know what they’re talking about.” What I mean is, forget the person and focus on the information. What’s good and useful? Does it apply to you? What’s good for now, but might not be good forever?

Hell, the wisdom of past Prophets can be pretty good, but keep in mind that when a human says something, that human might be terribly wrong. This applies to all the humans, even Jesus and Paul and Gautama and Muhammed and Moses and the Founding Fathers of your Country and Nostradamus and your Ma and Pa and YOU. So learn to figure out what’s best for everybody, and be willing to revisit it every now and again. (If I was gonna found a movement of some kind, or start a country, or form a discipline, I’d make it mandatory that the basic teachings of that movement be revisited and redrafted every hunnerd years. And I’d make it mandatory that no prophets or “personalities” had their names attached to it. But I’m just a fox, so that’s rhetorical.)

AND, you’re gonna have to accept that a lot of things that work for you don’t work for everybody else. Doesn’t mean that everybody else is “just as right”– there are some absolutes I’m gonna tell you about. Not every sociopath on an ego trip is right just because they think they’re right, and there are some things that aren’t helpful to anybody. But it does mean that you should mostly leave other people alone about what they should or shouldn’t be doing, and should never rely on what somebody else says is good for you without thoroughly thinking it through.

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    Thank you Fox.

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