Some Words VI

the_fox_and_the_hound_image22The fox kept talking.

Let’s talk about some Mysteries. There’s a lot of Mystery, you know? A lot of things you’ll never figure out. For some people, that’s fine, but for some people, that’s the Devil, that Mystery.

Shouldn’t be the Devil. Mystery, that should be Holy. Asking questions about things you don’t know, that’s a Holy Act, especially if they’re the kind of questions that are really difficult to answer.

Remember what I told you– God’s not all-powerful. God’s trying to figure out what’s going on in your space, but since God can’t do everything all at once, God’s also participating in the Mystery. Celebrating the Mystery and asking questions about it is really helpful to God, because it helps God plan. Don’t get me wrong; God’s all over the place, it’s just that God’s ability to do things down here can’t measure up to what we need done. Why not? That’s part of the Mystery.

Sure, there’re a lot of answers God does know, but God’s really busy. So yeah, you could pray to God for answers, and might even get one, but God’s more likely trying to sort out the problems of somebody in a lot worse of a situation than yours, or might not be able to hear you for whatever reason, so it might be faster to go ahead and try to find out the answer for yourself. This is why God’s pretty keen on science. When you humans learn about stuff, it means there’s less for God to do, and more time for God to figure out a few things, which ends up helping you figure out a few things. 

Here’s something Mysterious, but if you think about it, you’ll realize it’s true: there are a Spooky Man and a Spooky Lady who are involved in your lives. They’re there all the time, mostly standing in the background and checking things out. It’s hard to tell most of the time if they’re helpful or not; some people say they’re sinister, but a lot of people get a lot of help from their Spooky Man and Spooky Lady. I don’t know where they’re from, or what they look like to you. I know a lot of people think the Spooky Man looks and acts like Anglo-Saxon Jesus, and the Spooky Lady looks and acts like Medieval Virgin Mary, but these aren’t the only things the Spooky Man and Spooky Lady can look like. I’m mainly telling you this because this pair is worth talking to if you’re in a pinch. If you’re sick, you might say, “Spooky Man (or whatever you call him), I know you’re right behind me, and I feel just awful. Would you see your way towards helping me feel better?” Maybe nothing will happen, but give it a try and see.

(That said, remember, God likes Science because he’s collecting information, so he helps out doctors so they can help sick people. If you’re really really sick, it’s still best to see your doctor. Just praying if you’re sick is okay if you’re a thousand miles out to sea with nobody else in your boat, but most sick people should pray and see a doctor.)

There’s a lot of Mystery in your space that’s fun to think about, that almost touches on how God feels about tracking information patterns over there. What are the lights that appear in the sky? How come some places are more eerie than others? What’s walking around outside in the woods that isn’t any animal you’ve ever seen?  Man, these kind of Mysteries are really interesting!

Here’s a thing, though: it’s possible to get too worked up over Mystery. Then you end up believing total garbage nonsense, like how vaccines are bad for you or homeopathy is good for you. Vaccines aren’t bad for you. Homeopathy is just water; just drink some water. So many people think that big medicine companies are pulling some kind of scam to make money off of vaccines. Really, though, the anti-vaccine people are part of a huge industry, too, that sells vitamins and alternative news sources and sugar water. I dunno; choose who you’d rather trust: the money-making cabal that at least has some science involved, or the money-making cabal that’s basically making stuff up and literally selling sugar water.  It’s easy to believe a story that solves a Mystery because it seems to make sense, even if people who’ve studied the Mystery for years and years tell you otherwise. It’s okay to trust the people who’ve studied the Mystery longest, though. See a doctor who you trust.

Or how there’s some kind of Secret Order that Rules the World. Let me tell you about that: there is an Order that Rules the World, but it’s not a Secret– it’s the Order of Greedy People who want to get more Power and have the Means to do it. That’s not a Secret; it’s totally obvious. But instead of just realizing that and taking care of your family, a lot of you want to make up stories about “bloodlines” and “priories” and whatnot. The only “bloodline” that matters is money. The only cabal that wants to control humankind is the cabal that already does and always has.  There’s a way to get around falling into this trap, and that’s taking care of your family.

(But there are darker things that Rule some of the World that aren’t people, so mind you take care of your family.)

It boils down to this: is the answer to this Mystery something I need to help my family? If so, see what you can do to solve it. If you find an answer, keep asking questions about it until you’re sure it’s reasonable. If your bullshit detector ever goes off, it means you haven’t solved it yet. But if you don’t need to solve the Mystery to help your family, enjoy the Mystery! Mysteries are Holy, and they’re a way God is accomplishing what God needs to accomplish.

Life would be boring if we always had all the answers to everything. 

(Here’s a Mystery: my words are a vaccine!)

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