A Curse

This is, of course, one of the main reasons I’m a Gnostic, because I know that the True God is GOOD, but can’t always come through because the God of This World is the Demiurge.

It’s because this jackass Mike Huckabee says a school shooting happened because we don’t pray in school. WHAT A RIGHTEOUS GUY, AMIRIGHT?

It’s because this sick bastard Bryan Fischer  says “God doesn’t go where he’s not wanted,” and so he let all those kids– LITTLE KINDERGARTENERS– die in TERROR because we don’t pray in school.

It’s because so many ADOLESCENT FUCKS can’t be bothered to talk about gun control because they don’t want to piss off a bunch of INDUSTRY SHITHEADS who give them money.


PEOPLE, DON’T BE MISTAKEN: Huckabee and Fischer and mainstream Democrats and Rightwing Politicians and Gun Nuts *DO* worship the God of this World, but the only way this makes ANY sense, the only way in which these MOTHERFUCKERS can get away with this kind of ABJECT EVIL and have SO MANY PEOPLE AGREE WITH THEM is that the God of this World is ONE SICK PUPPY.  And, as a Gnostic, I know that the God of this World is the DEMIURGE.

It’s the DEMIURGE who speaks through these individuals, not the True God. The DEMIURGE is the one who won’t help little kids because we don’t pray in school, who giggles at the idea of HIDDEN WEAPONS IN PRESCHOOLS, who turns the HOUSE OF PRAYER into a DEN OF ROBBERS.  And these SHIT-EATING JACKANAPES who blame the DEAD KINDERGARTENERS for not PRAYING, and their allies, the SLIME-COVERED SPEWERS of PUS who whinge and moan about how we can’t POLITICIZE the fact that we CAN’T BE BOTHERED TO TALK ABOUT HOW MAYBE THE CLINICALLY ILL SHOULDN’T HAVE ACCESS TO THINGS SOLDIERS CARRY, these PACKS OF SCOUNDRELS are the DEMIURGE’S LAP-DOGS, the FILTH-EATING GHOULS who merrily lap the BLOOD out of his SKULL-CHALICE.

The TRUE GOD, the God of the Christos and Sophia, the Limitless Light, he doesn’t pull this kind of horse-shit. Here’s the thing about the True God: you’ve been LIED to about the True God. You’ve been told he’s all-powerful– “omnipotent”– but he’s not. He does what he can, but he’s pretty limited down here in this World of Forms where old Nobodaddy dances the jig on so many bodies and in so many minds. He knows about the pain we experience down here, but he needs our help to help rescue us. We’re like drowning people — if we struggle like crazy and bleed all over the water, the SHARKS ARE GOING TO BITE US. We need to CALM DOWN, BREATHE and THINK and let the lifeguard do his thing. The True God is our PARTNER, not our RULER, and can’t do everything in the Demiurge’s house FOR US. We can’t just sit around and tread water and WAIT FOR A YACHT when there’s a PERFECTLY GOOD DINGHY passing by.

So that’s why when it comes to addressing a situation like this, where PEOPLE CAN WALK INTO A PLACE AND KILL LOTS OF PEOPLE, we have a little RESPONSIBILITY. MAYBE, JUST MAYBE, the True God might find it IMPRESSIVE if we sat down and THOUGHT for a minute about what we could REALISTICALLY DO about a situation like this.

Look, people– GOD WANTS US TO BE REASONABLE. He wants us to say, “Hey, you know what? Maybe we can come to a compromise so that people who hunt can have reasonable gun rights so they can hunt, and people who we are not 99.9% SURE ABOUT CAN’T HAVE DEVICES THAT ARE DEADLY.” 

(And while I’m at it? FUCK the 2nd Amendment of the Constitution. It’s OUTDATED and BACKWARDS and since we RETHOUGHT THE MAGNA CARTA we can probably RETHINK THAT ARCHAIC  NONSENSE, TOO. 2nd Amendment? DEMIURGE.)

Here’s the thing: I’m PRETTY SURE the True God is Just, and what that means? It means that YOU ASSHATS who value your right to own AK-47s over the RIGHTS OF 20 LITTLE KIDS TO NOT DIE are CURSED. You’re CURSED to BE those little kids, and ALL of the little kids and innocent people who die so YOU can own a MAGIC FIRE-STICK. Mike Huckabee? Bryan Fischer? YOU are going to BE inside every single innocent victim, inside the crushed and broken souls of their friends and families. ALL OF THEM. You’re going to live their lives, experience what they go through, and at some point, right before the end that YOU helped endorse, you’re going to KNOW what you did. THAT is your curse: the CURSE OF KNOWLEDGE.

So enjoy your time in the spotlight. Enjoy the thrill of blaming little kids for their own deaths. Enjoy spreading the word of your Demiurgic philosophies, where the rights of projectile-tossing tube aficionados are more important than the rights of people who don’t like the idea of people getting shot. Enjoy your pancake breakfast with the Archons. But know this: even if you deny it, even if you’ll never hear from people like me, with the influence of a sea urchin and an audience of tens, you’re going to get what you deserve. It’s a guarantee, bitches.



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4 responses to “A Curse

  1. Ray McKenzie

    Well said Jeremy! Thankyou and Peace be with you.

  2. “God doesn’t go where he’s not wanted,” That’s a bunch of bullshit. Hell, even the Old Testament disproves that stance.

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