A Thing About Gnosis

One thing about Gnosis is that it makes you realize that you’re just the same as everybody else.



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4 responses to “A Thing About Gnosis

  1. Need to disagree: Difference is more to be valued than Identity, or sameness. It helps to be an introvert to ‘experience and know’ that.

    • Jeremy Puma

      Ah, so this ‘experience and knowledge’ you’re talking about– it’s only available to introverts then?

      • Jeremy,
        Just noticed your comment today; do not recall what I wrote: But the distinction between personal (spiritual) experience and faith in what others proscribe should be obvious. No doubt it is possible for extroverts to have spiritual feelings but Jung’s Typology, esp. the distinction between introverts and extroverts is relevant: Introverts do not need to identify with outside stimuli to the extent extroverts do; Identity is the key word: I have a hunch most members of organized religions are extroverts. The identity being with a monistic personal god. the conservatism of religions is an asset and a liability; Change involves destruction.

      • The typolgy of Jung is usefull: Extroverts tend to value identity; extroverts welcome difference. Joe

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