Everything that is wrong about self-publishing: EDIT EDIT EDIT

As a self-publisher who makes enough via book sales to pay for gas each month, this kind of thing amuses me:

Hey guys,

This post is about finding editors.

I currently live in Melbourne Australia, i also know how hard it it to find a great editor. Now i have come up with a bright idea on writing a book on editing and proofreading.

It will outline how editing works here in Australia, which course is best to take to be come an editor, what to look out for when your hiring an editor.

I have have people say negative things to me, but i don’t worry about them as i have better things to worry about then stressing over rude comments. I do take them on board if they are not completely rude.

Look, people: if you want to put out a book by yourself, in any format, that people will read, you need to have some basic editing skills. Granted, I do think that today’s readers– especially in the world of ePublishing and POD– are more forgiving of minor errors in typography and grammar, but there are certain expectations shared by the literate, among which is the ability to refrain from offering advice on editing if you can’t tell the difference between ‘your’ and ‘you’re.’

Here’s the thing: professional editing is hard. It’s why some people (who have far more patience than I) do it for a living.  So, take my advice: have someone YOU DON’T KNOW, who reads– A LOT!– look over your work before you submit it to Amazon or Lulu or whatever. Pay that person if you have to, but avoid silliness like this if you want to be taken seriously by your readers.

(Yes, I’m well aware that some terrible, terrible self-published stuff is successful (5o Shades of What Now?), but *some* terrible stuff has *always* been successful. Is it worth the risk?)



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5 responses to “Everything that is wrong about self-publishing: EDIT EDIT EDIT

  1. Maybe it was meant to be a joke?

  2. Jeremy Puma

    Here’s hoping…?

  3. To reply to that, I’m not a publisher for a start, secondly no it is not a joke.

  4. It would have been better if it *was* a joke because editors are expected to know how to spell, punctuate, use apostrophes and choose the correct vocabulary. Do you seriously expect people to pay for a book on editing and proofreading by someone who clearly doesn’t know basic mechanics?

  5. If I ever do write a book, I will make sure I hire an editor. They’re very useful gadgets.

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