The Reason of Gnostic Prayer by Miguel Conner

Miguel Conner hits one out of the park:

The Gnostics throughout history have simultaneously embraced both prayer and reason, not just on May 3. They envisioned the ultimate state of being as a supreme form of benign, mystic intelligence, also known as the Mind of Divinity (Saint Paul called it the Mind of Christ).

Gnosticism, like many faiths, certainly gave thanksgiving for their meals, supplicated for the health of their loved ones, and implored for good fortune in their monkey lives. The more magical and dogmatic ones, probably beseeched the Mind of Divinity for the I-pad to be invented 2000 years earlier. However, the elite in their circles viewed prayer as a syncing of the monkey mind and the Mind of Divinity. It was a tuning process that brought about grace, compassion, astral vision, charity, and ultimately a transformation into a living Christ (with or without an Ipad).

Hooray for Reason! In an irrational universe, it’s our most valuable spiritual tool.


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