Another Excellent Review for “This Way!”

Another great review for “This Way” on The Aeon Eye!

Can we ever arrive at the exit of the maze that is this “World of Forms”? Well, it can’t be through stumbling around and grasping the walls in blindness. It is the salvific Gnosis that is the map to guide us to the labyrinth’s exit. We must remove the blindfolds of material bondage which induces a spiritual amnesia, to see it. But whence do we obtain the map? It is by initiation, divine grace and proper revelation that our acquisition of gnosis is possible in the first place. The final state of the pneumatic’s restoration to the Pleroma is the final deliverance from the maze of the world. And Jeremy Puma’s book This Way contributes a great deal to finding indeed, that way out. Buy it.

And, if you do decide you’d like to buy a copy, you can find one here:


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