“A Gnostic Prayerbook” Now Available in Paperback on Amazon.com and Createspace!!



These prayers, rites, rituals and devotions are for the independent Gnostic practitioner. Herein, one will find prayers of blessing, consecration, thanksgiving, healing and more, as well as a complete collection of sacramental rites for individual practice. Sacraments contain appropriate rubrics, and rites and rituals presented include the Eucharist, Initiations, Baptism and the mysterious and powerful Mystery of the Five Seals.

The selections in this book are based on, and inspired by, those found in a number of sacred texts from various religious traditions which flourished in Europe, North Africa and West Asia during the First through Seventh Centuries CE, most prominently those traditions considered Sethian Gnostic.

Some of the material herein has been published previously in “The Book of the Stranger” and “Mysteries of the Gnostic Ascent;” however, this material has been revised and supplemented with additional content.

A Gnostic Prayerbook is also available in Kindle format on Amazon.com, and will be more widely distributed soon.

For more about the author’s approach to the modern Gnostic practice, please see This Way: Making Sense of Gnosis in a Nonsensical Reality, available on Amazon.com in paperback and Kindle formats.

Publication Date: Mar 22 2012

ISBN/EAN13: 1470025167 / 9781470025168

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